Will you be adding more flavors of BBQ Sauce?
Yes,  in 2021, Neighborhood Cookin plans on adding a mild and spicy version of Papa Bruce's brand BBQ sauce.

What is the shelf-life of Papa Bruce's BBQ Sauce? 18 months

Is Papa Bruce's BBQ Sauce gluten-free? Yes

Is Papa Bruce's BBQ sauce vegan friendly? No, but it will be sometime in 2021.

What is keeping Papa Bruce's BBQ Sauce from being vegan friendly? The granulated sugar that we currently use is filtered using animal bone char as most brands are. Once our current sugar supply has been diminished, we will use sugar that is filtered with charcoal and not bone char and when this is done, we will be considered vegan friendly. 

What do you recommend using Papa Bruce's BBQ sauce on? We recommend trying it on chicken to understand that flavor profile, then expanding to different meats and/or foods.

Is Papa Bruce's BBQ Sauce good on seafood? Yes, we receive good reviews that favors shrimp and salmon.

Do you have a mild version of Papa Bruce's BBQ Sauce? We are hoping to launch our mild version in February 2021.